Life Insurance
  • Life Cover is the simplest insurance in the world, someone dies, a death certificate is issued, the insurance company then pays the owner of the policy a sum of money.

  • Life Cover does have special features that need to be considered and managed i.e. funeral cover, terminal illness, and special event increases.

Trauma Insurance
  • Trauma cover is designed to pay you a lump sum if you suffer from a condition covered in the policy. Basic polices may cover you for 10 conditions, comprehensive policies covering you for up to 70.

  • The vast majority of claims for this policy get paid for 5 key conditions: Cancer, Heart Attack, Heart Bypass, Stroke, Kidney Failure.

  • Trauma cover often has a built in or optional children benefit. This can offer great value for large families as cover extends to all children under 21.

  • Trauma cover has a number of special features and considerations such as buy-backs, stand-downs, and exclusions. The choice of policy if important.  

Disability Insurance
  • With total permanent disability (TPD), we can insure you for a lump sum amount if you are so disabled that you will never work in your own occupation ever again.

Income Protection Insurance
  • Income protection replaces a percentage of your income when you cannot work due to a medical or injury reason. 

  • Income Protection can provide 75-80% of your in the hand earnings to you at claim time.

  • Most policies today have a range of options and different flavours. There are options to insure based on your mortgage payments aand more recently rent payments, if this works out better than a % of your actual income. 

Health Insurance
  • Health or Medical Insurance covers the costs of care should you require medical assistance. 

  • In general terms, there are 6 areas of medical expenses for insurance to consider, Emergency medicine, GP & Prescription costs, Dental & Optical costs, Medical Specialists & Diagnostic Testing, Hospitalisation, surgical & non-surgical, Medical treatment & costs incurred while traveling

  • There are often exclusions when the medical care can be provided in a reasonable timeframe by the public healthcare system. In addition there is often an "excess" payable to make a claim. 

Other Insurances
  • Redundancy Cover

  • Accident Cover

  • ACC Management Services

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