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“When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.”


Dellow Financial Services Limited is a public practice Chartered Accounting firm.

Dellows utilises Xero and "Apps" to simplify and add value.

Our mission of "helping clients to fulfill their financial dreams" has set us apart from traditional accounting firms.

Dellows offers additional services, financial advice, business coaching, and consulting services.



Dellows offers a full range of business accounting services. Having a quality accountant on your team can be a game changer. 



Insurance and financial  protection are part of any financial plan. Dellows specialises in personal insurances i.e. life, health, and income protection. 



Dellows offers "Spotlight" and "Profit Optimizer" reporting. Forecasting, Scenarios, and Analysis offer a fresh new way to look at how you have performed and where you are going. 



We’ve distilled key business concepts and lessons to form the 'Dellows Portal';  developed by leading NZ business coaches there is a range of videos, templates, and resources available. 


Email james@dellows.com for your free trial of the Dellows business coaching portal.

We’ve distilled key business concepts and lessons to form the Dellows Portal; the portal is a personalised business resource developed by leading NZ business coaches; with videos, templates, and resources. 


James Dellow started Dellow Financial Services Limited in 2018. The business was initially started as an insurance agency however quickly evolved into what it is today.

James is a Chartered Accountant and Qualified Financial Adviser; after selling his first business "Count It Up Chartered Accountants" the vision for Dellows was to be more than just an accounting practice. Personal experience led to James' belief that 20% more work would add 80% more value for his clients and this developed into his holistic approach to business consulting.


Personal financial advice is important and is something a lot of accountants don't do at all. Dellows can assist clients in a number of areas starting from where traditional accountants services usually finish: business earnings/growth, personal wealth/equity growth, financial protection, investment advice, financial education/coaching. 

Our mission is "to help our clients to fulfill their financial dreams". 



Regus, Building 4, Level 3, 61 Constellation Drive,

Mairangi Bay

james@dellows.com  Tel: 027 587 0099

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