Meeting Room Business
Financial Statements & Income Tax Returns
  • Dellows offers fixed price monthly plans and traditional "year end" accounting services. 

  • We offer an optional "Financial Analysis" and "Health Check" section with annual financial statements. 

  • Explanatory letters are provided with all engagements.

  • Tax Management is included for all clients i.e. payment reminders.

Office Work
GST & PAYE Returns
  • GST services are carried our through Xero.

  • GST returns can be prepared 2 or 6 monthly. 

  • Inclusive of interim Management Report and an Explanatory Letter.

  • Employer (Wages & PAYE) services are carried out using Thankyou Payroll.

  • Dellows can manage all your employer duties on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

In a Meeting
Small Audit
  • Audit of small Clubs and Societies

  • Audit of ECE Childcare Centers

  • Review Engagements

  • Dellows perform audit when the auditor requirement is a "CA/CPP". We are not licensed or qualified auditors.  

Business Valuation
  • Dellows uses actual NZ business sales data to assist us in valuing your business

  • Valuation for business sale

  • Valuation for share sale and Buy/Sell agreements  

  • Valuation for matrimonial or relationship property purposes

  • Immigration or Asset testing purposes.

Financial Report
Tax Debt Solutions
  • There are a number of options available to resolve tax debt

  • Trading out of debt, finance, restructuring.

  • Negotiation of debt with the IRD: instalments, write-offs, remittance.

  • Includes negotiation of interest and penalties in some cases.

  • There have been recent changes at the IRD making it easier to resolve tax debt matters.

green papers
Analysis & Other Business Accouting Services
  • Cashflow forecasting

  • Budgeting

  • Scenario Testing 

  • Financial Analysis

  • Due Diligence prior to buying of a business.

  • System setups - Xero and Thankyou Payroll.

  • International taxation.