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Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Dellows Lite Fundamentals Business Coaching Program.

Owner Orientation

●How to improve the creativity and collaboration of the business owners. ● Establish clear owner expectations. ● Identify the Development Stages necessary to achieve your ‘end game’. ● Prioritise your business objectives. ● Develop a basic action plan to achieve your objectives.

Financial Accounting & Reporting

● The working capital cycle ● Understanding common accounting ‘Lingo’ and financial ratios. ● Discuss management factors that affect cash flow. ● Identify the various business ‘systems’ that require observation. ● Determine the key performance indicators of your business. ● Develop Spotlight business reports to help bring your data to life!

Marketing Plan

● 6 key marketing questions. ● Market diffusion theory. ● The product life cycle. ● The 4 levels of consumer awareness. ● The modern marketing / sales funnel. ● Developing you critical marketing statements. ● Creating your 1 page marketing plan.

Sales Process

● Identify your sales arena ● Building a process that recognises the psychology of the sale and the importance of developing congruence. ● Identify the logical decision points of your customer. ● Flowchart your sales process to predict the potential ‘tension points’. ● Ensuring your team understands how to relate your key service/product features to customer benefits.

Employee Engagement

● The 5 drivers of human output. ● The emotional reaction towards learning/change ● A proven feedback model. ● 3 Key sociology lessons. ● The 80/20 of employee motivation ● Testing your leadership style

Process Improvement

● Dave Nave systems comparison ● The process improvement cycle ● Designing your systems ● Knowing where to start ● Where people & process combine

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