Accounting. Mortgages, Insurance, Wealth Management



Accounting Auckland


Dellows offers a full suite of high level accounting services:

  •  End of Year Financial Accounts
  •  Income Tax Returns
  •  GST Returns
  •  Audit of Clubs and Societies
  •  Business Valuations
  •  Due Diligence/ Business Acquisitions
  •  Specialist Tax Determinations
  •  Budgeting and Forecasting
  •  Company Incorporation 
  •  Corporate Trustee
  •  Financial Analysis
  •  Tax Management & Reminders
Accounting Auckland

Mortgages & Insurance

Dellows assists with all lending and insurance needs:

  •  Commercial Lending
  •  Residential Lending
  •  First Homes
  •  Refinancing
  •  Life Insurance
  •  Trauma Cover
  •  Mortgage Protection
  •  Income Protection
  •  Business Insurance
  •  Key Person Cover
  •  Financial Planning
  •  Financial Advisery
Accounting Auckland

Wealth Management

Fulfill your financial dreams:

  •  Planning for equity base growth
  •  Analyse yields and returns
  •  Analysis projects/scenarios
  •  Property Investment
  •  Business Acquisition
  •  Financial Product Investments
  •  Franchise & Licensing
  •  Partnerships
  •  International opportunities
  •  Digital Marketing
  •  Staff Management
  •  Personal Budgeting and Growth

           Tax Buddy links with Xero to plan your tax cash flow, so you             never pay too much or too little. It also helps you remember             key tax dates for payments.

           Talk to us about a 60 day free trial of Tax Buddy

Company annual returns are required by the NZ Companies Office. 

It's important to file an annual returns on time as companies that do not are eventually removed from the register.

Talk to us with any questions about Limited liability companies. There are a lot of advantages to incorporation.  


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